Home Efficiency, Life Efficiency, Organization, and Optimization

As many people and couples advance through life, they find their home filled with all the things they have collected over the course of their lives.

It is a story that we have seen time and again. The home begins to be defined by disorganization and clutter. Many items will never be used again, but they are hard to part with because they were purchased with hard-earned money over the course of a lifetime.

It gets harder to clean around the home, and the level of disorganization increases. As much as an elder citizen might appreciate having a clean, organized, efficient home, they just don't know where to start. A certain hopelessness sets in, and over the years, they settle for living in a disorganized mess.

The problem is that living like that has a profound effect on the cognitive health and even the physical vitality of an individual. Living in a disorganized, cluttered, and often unclean mess just accelerates a person's fall from empowered independent living and even continued personal growth and improvement.

This type of a cycle then makes other problems even more profound. Disorganization in the home transfers to disorganization in the diet, in sleep, in hygiene, in medical treatment, and much more.

Behavior even changes. Dependency increases. Physical strength wanes. Active engagement with previously enjoyed activities diminishes. It's not a pretty picture.

At AHEAD, we believe that a senior homestyle makeover can recharge the human psyche and provide new life, vitality, hope, and enjoyment to lives that have begun to suffer with certain physical, mental, and emotional decline.

We can design and implement an amazing plan that will give you or your loved one a new lease on life. While each plan and its components are specifically designed to address the specific needs of the individual, here is a general list of things that we can accomplish in as short as a 6-month plan:


The Personal Reorganization Project:
  • Complete a major analysis of the home, living space, furniture and belongings, diet, medical situation, sleep schedule, activities, responsibilites, family dynamics, life history, goals and desires, tools and assets, opportunities, personal skills, etc.
  • Downsize the accumulated lifetime possessions to a managable set of necessary items for efficient living.
  • Empty and clean the garage, basement, attic, cubby holes, closets, cabinets, shed, and all areas that are just repositories of possessions that serve little remaining use. Items are sold if they have value, donated if they can be used by others, or discarded if of no further use or value. Receipts are provided for donated items for use in claiming charitable gift deductions for Income Tax filing.
  • Lifestyle discussions lead to modified behavior and understanding about what is important moving forward in this stage of life. Values can be modified or redirected from material possessions that are no longer needed towards a simplified lifestyle that is easily maintained and actually enjoyable. A new found sense of freedom can be acheived through lifestyle discussions that enable an elder to reset their purpose and direction, even at later stages of life.
  • Deep cleaning of the home brings all the surfaces back to life and sanitary condition.
  • As needed, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, paint, etc. can all be repaired and replaced and the now clean and sanitary home can receive an economical and effective makeover that adds new life and excitement to the living environment. It is amazing how much improvement can be acheived in the living environment on a limited budget.
  • Both the interior and the exterior of the home can be molded into shape. Even flower beds, rain gutters, stairs, trees, and masonry can be quickly upgraded and put back into their original beauty and functionality.
  • Modifications such as wheelchair ramps, handicapped accessible bathrooms, walk-in bath tubs, and strategic railings and handholds can be added to make life easier.
  • When necessary, major projects such as roofing, etc. can be accomplished. Don't move, improve!
  • Medical treatment can be organized. Comprehensive analysis of a person's medical condition is followed by securing appropriate diagnoses, best available treatment services, and effective treatments that are as natural and non-invasive as possible.
  • Diet is redesigned to accomplish many goals, including weight loss, disease and cancer prevention, decreased blood sugar or cholesterol, anti-inflammatory protection, Ph balance, and increased energy and cognitive function.
  • Sleep is analyzed, and modifications are made as needed for better sleep, including bed, mattress, sleep position, treatment for sleep apnea, sleep schedule, etc.
  • Personal medical advocacy is engaged to gain a complete understanding of all factors involving the medical condition, specialists, medical treatments, prescription usage, and their potential benefits, effects, and detriment to the individual.
  • Medications are reviewed with the physicians to determine which medications can be eliminated with effective diet, activity, exercise, sleep, cognitive engagement, stress reduction, and natural alternatives. We will focus on patient-centered care in the complex healthcare system.
  • Patient dignity is maintained through all phases of medical treatment and practice.
  • The home transitions from being cluttered, dirty, and disorganized, to organized, clean, and effective. It is easy to clean and keep up with, even for an elder citizen with a little help.
  • Health can actually improve even as we grow older, given the right direction and tools to chart a new course forward.
  • A clean organized lifestyle with better health, diet, exercise, sleep, and medical care improves cognitive and emotional function. Some elder citizens can actually reengage in long forgotten hobbies, and even babysit for grandchildren and discover new purpose and intensity in life.

Engage with us at AHEAD for a late-life 100,000 mile makeover. These are your golden years. These will be the best years of your life if you decide to make it be so!

Listen folks! Some people come along with hearts and flowers and angels with wings. They promise you compassion and care. As you age, they'll put you in a wheelchair, drug you, and feed you in the hallway till you die. That is not the way to live to the end.

At AHEAD, we come to you with a sword and shield. We aren't ready to say it's too late for you. We believe that by next year, you can experience life as if you were 10 years younger given the proper tools and assistance. It's time to live.  It's not time to die. Put on the sword and shield now. Live life to the fullest. Be there in power and strength for yourself, your family, and your community. It's never too late. Never give up. Get efficient and organized today!