Companion Assistance

Sometimes the most important thing an Essential Assistant can do is to be there as a companion and to assist with everyday tasks like light housekeeping and meal preparation. Sometimes it makes all the difference to have an assistant to get to appointments or to drive and assist with grocery shopping. For some of our clients, that is just the extra edge that they need to continue to live life in the style in which they are accustomed.


Hospital Transfer Service

$250 Package for special price of $125 (reference our website!)

We will do all of the following:

  • pick you up when you are discharged from the hospital
  • handle your discharge paperwork
  • transport your durable medical equipment and personal belongings
  • dress, groom, and prepare you for your trip home
  • secure and initiate your discharge instructions
  • pick up your discharge prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • transport you to your home and get you settled in
  • make your first meal
  • establish your recovery plan of care and communicate it to your family
  • ... and make sure that all the appropriate services are in place

Personal Assistance

As we get older, we will all eventually need help with the activities of daily living. Our bodies wear out and they just can't do what they used to. Personal dignity is maintained with discrete personal assistance with grooming, bathing, bathroom use, feeding, and transferring from bed to chair, as well as medication reminders, and assistance with handicaps such as degraded hearing, vision, ambulation, and mental function. We provide just the right level of personal assistance to maintain dignity and independence while assisting with the essential activities of living.

Customized Services

An extensive array of essential assistance is available for every need by our in-house staff and our screened and developed partnerships that are specifically focused on elder needs and personal trustworthy care.

Most importantly, our focus is not on "maintenance," but rather on improvement, healing, and continued personal growth and empowerment. That is unique to our service which is targeted for you to Get AHEAD!


Transportation and Special Services

Our company specializes in providing essential assistance for all the elder needs of our clients. We maintain a fleet of 4-wheel drive Subarus to make sure that we can get our clients where they need to go no matter what the weather is outside. We also provide:

  • emergency services
  • home maintenance
  • meal preparation
  • furniture and equipment for various handicaps
  • personal medical advocacy
  • senior education and employment when appropriate
  • entertainment
  • chaplain services
  • vacation and travel
  • home cleaning
  • hoarding assistance
  • real estate search and relocation
  • addiction assistance
  • live-in assistance
  • respite care
  • tax filing
  • insurance assistance
  • financial planning
  • estate planning
  • homeowner contractor assistance
  • community relations
  • government relations
  • ... as well as assisting with most additional needs that our clients identify.

Since 1993

No matter what roof you live under, we're here for you 24 hours per day

Whether you just need a housecall, a few hours per day of companion assistance, 12 hours per day of personal assistance, or 24 hours per day of monitored assistance, we are here for you.  And as your needs change over time, there's no need to ever have to worry about what you will do next.  You will always be able to get ahead because you have our company, AHEAD, to help you navigate through all your changing needs and the ups and downs of elder living.

As elders, you have served your time working hard to take care of others. And now you deserve the assistance you need to be happy, safe, and secure. These are supposed to be the "golden years," right?

So no matter if you're still living in your own home, an apartment, living with a family member, or even living in an elder community or assisted living facility, we can help you where you are.

Just call us and get AHEAD!